California Notary Public

The Fast & Furious Notary: 3 Hour Refresher Course


California Mandatory Three Hour Refresher Training Course

Our Online Training Courses are structured to teach you the basics of being a Notary Public and prepare you for the California Notary Public Exam.

  • Guaranteed to pass
  • Same day Certificate of Completion
  • The training focuses on what is important to pass the state exam
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Study at your own pace
  • You may log in and out of online course at your convenience.

Course Content

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  • ForumAnnouncements
  • LessonPart A: Eligibility for Appointment [5 Mins]
  • LessonPart B: Commission [5 Min]
  • LessonPart C: Managing a Commission [5 Min]
  • LessonPart A. Tools to Function as a Notary Public [45 Min]
  • LessonPart B. Types of Notary Public Acts and How to Perform the Acts [45 Min]
  • LessonPart C. Fees [5 Min]
  • LessonPart A. Conflict of Interest [5 Min]
  • LessonPart B. Giving Legal Advice/Practicing Law [5 Min]
  • LessonPart C. Reasons for Commission Revocation or Suspension, or Application Denial [5 Min]
  • LessonPart D. Civil Penalties [5 Min]
  • LessonPart E. Felonies or Possible Felonies [5 Min]
  • LessonPart F. Misdemeanors or Possible Misdemeanors [5 Min]
  • LessonPart G. Infractions by Notaries Public [5 Min]
  • QuizFinal Exam
  • Custom certificateCertificate of Completion - 3 Hour Refresher Notary Public Course